Teeth whitening and a beautiful smile make a difference

When we meet another individual, our first impression of them is based on their how they dress, their haircut, how they move, etc. What we may not think about is how much a beautiful smile can impact on our impression. Of course we remember when we met someone who had visibly discoloured teeth from such things as smoking or coffee, and how we reacted. Unconsciously, we may feel that this individual is something he is not, due to the discolouration of the teeth; would we have thought differently if the teeth had been dazzlingly white?

Early on, I noticed how my teeth and my smile were a reflection of me. As my teeth were yellow due to smoking, I rarely felt like smiling, and I was told that I always looked grumpy and sad, which only served to make me feel even sadder about my smile.
This affected me in many ways. In job interviews, I was afraid to show my teeth and consequently did not present myself in the way that myself or my counterparty would have liked. I knew that you could whiten your teeth at the dentist's; laser, light and all kinds of things. A friend of mine whitened his teeth with a mouth tray and gel at the dentist's. Considering the fact that I was, and am, a student, my finances would never permit me to use any of those methods.

Stephanie teeth whitening

So I tried to get used to the fact that my teeth were discoloured and after I while a stopped thinking about it, and so did others. During the summer of 2007 I was given a dentist's whitening treatment as a gift and I was overjoyed; finally I would have white teeth. The result was good and I was pleased. Unfortunately my teeth grew darker over time and I tried to regain my dazzling smile with a series of whitening toothpastes. When they did not produce the desired result, I started looking online for a similar teeth whitening to that used by the dentist, with mouth trays. When I found dentaworks I was sceptical, especially regarding the price. How could it be so cheap and still work so well?

Myself and a friend ordered a teeth whitening kit each and started the treatment the following day. We thought that as it was so cheap, there was no harm in trying. I first tried to whiten the teeth of my upper jaw and after only one treatment I noticed the difference, my lower teeth looked so much worse in comparison to the upper teeth, so I whitened them as well and was super happy.
It is incredibly simple and when the mouth tray is in place you don't even notice it as it is shaped perfectly to fit you own teeth.

I smile every day now, and I often receive compliments for my teeth, how beautiful they are and how I shine because I smile so much. It has improved my self-esteem and even made me a tad happier, isn't that amazing?!

I wanted to share this with you, and my friends are as happy as I am. You can follow me on my blog where I write about the whitening and many other things besides.

Thank you Dentaworks!

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